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The Journal of Advances in Orthopaedics and Biomechanics is focused on publishing research that is pushing the boundaries in these two areas allied to medicine.  Primarily the research needs to be clinically related and should address issues that arise in orthopaedic clinical practice (both “elective” and “trauma”) and in biomechanics. These two interrelated terms prompt any number of questions in the areas of, but not limited to, the following:

Fracture management

Elective surgery

Reconstructive surgery

Novel / improved orthopaedic surgical procedures

Outcome measurement and assessment

Application and development of smart sensors for use in orthopaedics

Big data analysis and machine learning

Numerical modelling in biomechanics

Numerical modelling of human/animal systems.

Sustainability in orthopaedics and biomechanics products and services

The papers we consider for the Journal can be reviews, meta-analyses, theoretical models, methodological or empirical investigations, and they can examine any subject related to orthopaedics and biomechanics aligning to the following definitions:

Orthopaedics:- clinical interventions associated with the musculoskeletal system in humans and animals

Biomechanics:- the numerical modelling and /or assessment of actions, associated movements and systems in humans and animals (not just actions / movement associated with bones but blood, air, etc.)

Special Editions

At the start of each year one volume is reserved for new researchers. In this edition registrars, PhD students and new researchers may submit preliminary findings and review papers. In this edition, we particularly welcome “state of the art” review papers that promote gaps in current knowledge.



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